The September issue of Rhode Island Monthly will include an editorial feature called EXCELLENCE IN NURSING AWARDS profiling the best and brightest nurses in our area. In conjunction with the Rhode Island State Nurses Association, the nurses will be nominated by their peers and selected by a panel of nursing professionals and educators. Click here to download the nomination forms. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, May 22, 2015.
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Sex Matters

Researchers are discovering more ways than ever in which men and women are different — in the way we develop disease and respond to medications.

FIT For Life

Your motivation for wanting to be fit may change with age, but one thing is constant: Exercise can benefit everyone, and it’s never too late to start.

Testing 1, 2, 3

From vaccinations to standard screenings, there are measures every adult should take to stay on top of their health.

A Hefty Burden

Rhode Island spends more than half a billion dollars annually on obesity-related health costs, and the state government picks up 64 percent of that tab. There are action plans in place to curb the obesity epidemic in Rhode Island, but are these initiatives enough to tip the scales?

Whole Woman: Body Image

It's not how you look, it's how you think you look. These days more and more women, from grade-schoolers to those facing middle-age, see themselves as needing improvement and it has less to do with actual appearance than it does with self-esteem.

Whole Woman: Body and Fitness

Slogging to the gym day after day can be rough, but what else is a girl to do if she wants to stay in shape?

Whole Woman: General Health

Skin care, the HVP vaccine, breast health, migrain pain and sexual health.

Whole Woman: Nutrition

Healthy smoothies, GMO information, and sugar substitutes.

Passionate Players Face Off During August Tennis

In the late summer sizzle, passionate players in a game of wits and skill more than meet their match.

Top Dentists 2014

152 dentists who will make you smile.
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ridaily blog: Health & Wellness

5 Questions with Om Gal Rebecca Pacheco

The international yoga teacher and creator of the yoga and wellness site Om Gal will be in Providence this week for a book signing of Do Your Om Thing.

Pamper Yourself With a Staycation

Newport's Castle Hill Inn is offering several ideas to help you recharge -- without traveling far.

How Three RI Women Were Institutionalized for “Moral Deficiency”

In light of Women’s History Month, we chatted with a local expert about a grim and under-reported piece of women’s history in America — one that occurred right here in Rhode Island.

Participate in Project HEAL's #notfearED Campaign

It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and Project HEAL (Help to Eat, Accept and Live) has initiated a social media campaign to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones.

Jump, Tag and Skate Your Way to Spring

Keep warm with fun, action-packed indoor activities for every age.
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Health & Wellness Extras

Physicians Listings

The 2015 directory of physicians  —  a reference guide for consumers looking for health care providers  —  includes RI physicians in active practice.

Guide to Health & Wellness

Featuring important medical information on a variety of topics along with a listing of Rhode Island MDs and DOs.

Flames of Hope

IMAX: Countdown to Flames of Hope 2014

Whole Woman

Rhode Island Monthly's guide to a woman's health and wellness. Sponsored by Care New England.

Breast Health

Beauty and the Beast: Using Knowledge to Fight Cancer. By Carol Ann Donnelly

Dentist Profiles

Profiles of a number of area dentists from various fields.

20th Annual Worksite Wellness Awards

Good Health is Good Business for Rhode Island Employers. Presented by: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

Physician Profiles

Profiles of a number of area physicians from various fields.
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URI Helps Kids with Disabilities Get Ready for School

A University of Rhode Island ocean therapy program is helping children with special needs ride the waves to better lives.

Ballerina, M.D.

Colleen Cavanaugh, an East Providence OB/GYN, fused her two passions when she founded Part of the Oath, a contemporary ballet company that performs dances inspired by breast cancer, nutrition and bullying.

Surgical Precision

Upon learning of a serious diagnosis, Rhode Islanders’ first thoughts often turn to Boston. Hospitals here are working to change that by investing in advanced robotics systems capable of revolutionizing surgery.

Today's Visionaries

New surgical techniques are resulting in better outcomes for patients.

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Does Your Work Environment Sabotage You?

In our quest to achieve optimal health and conquering individual goals we set forth with the best intentions only to be sabotaged in the unlikeliest of places. Work.



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Top Docs 2014:


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