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State Capital

[State Capital]

Barack Obama, President of the United States: $400,000, plus $50,000 expense account, $100,000 nontaxable travel account, $19,000 for entertainment, and free housing

Deval Patrick, Massachusetts governor: $140,535

John Baldacci, Maine governor: $70,000

Sarah Palin, Alaska governor: $125,000

Donald Carcieri, R.I. governor: $119,818

Catherine Zuba, governor’s executive assistant: $30,412

Brian Stern, governor’s chief of staff: $141,547

Beverly E. Najarian, governor’s deputy chief of staff: $128,532

John Robitaille, governor’s communications chief: $72,413

Aaron Guckian, governor’s advance person: $68,002

Frank T. Caprio, general treasurer: $99,214

A. Ralph Mollis, secretary of state: $99,214

Elizabeth H. Roberts, lieutenant governor: $99,214

Jennifer L. Wood, lieutenant governor’s chief of staff: $148,288

W. Michael Sullivan, director DEM: $130,152

Howard Boksenbaum, chief state library officer: $67,735

Michael Lewis, director Department of Transportation: $130,000

Al Moscola, RIPTA general manager: $162,219

Bus driver, RIPTA, first year: $28,600; top tier: $47,674

DOT bridge safety inspector: $52,267

DOT semi-skilled laborer: $35,629

John Landers, DOA chief information officer: $125,747

Allan Fung, mayor of Cranston: $80,765

James E. Doyle, mayor of Pawtucket: $90,992

David Cicilline, mayor of Providence: $131,000

State senator: $14,089

Teresa Paiva-Weed, president R.I. State Senate: $28,178

William J. Murphy, house speaker: $28,178

Patrick Kennedy, U.S. congressman: $169,300

Jack Reed, U.S. senator: $169,300

Legislative proofreader: $35,713

Jametta O. Alston, state child advocate: $91,457

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Law & Order 

[Law & Order]

First-year associate, Edwards Angell Palmer and Dodge: $140,000

Patrick C. Lynch, attorney general: $141,435

Staff attorney, attorney general’s office (level IV): $97,213 

Frank J. Williams, retired chief justice R.I. Supreme Court: $138,306; while on the bench: $184,409

Joseph F. Rodgers Jr., Superior Court presiding justice: $181,121

Alice Bridget Gibney, associate justice Superior Court: $166,910

Superior Court general chief clerk: $94,775

Jeremiah S. Jeremiah Jr., chief justice Family Court: $177,347    

John J. Hardiman, public defender: $136,969    

Kent A. Willever, Rhode Island Ethics Commission executive director/chief prosecutor: $119,847    

Esme Devault, RIEC staff attorney: $51,493    

Steve Branch, RIEC investigator: $41,150    

Paralegal: $22/hour (state median)               

Dean Esserman, Providence police chief: $163,000

Brendan P. Doherty, colonel R.I. State Police: $148,937

R.I. state trooper: $53,834

MG Robert T. Bray, adjutant general, R.I. National Guard: $94,796

R.I. National Guard member: $38,000 (average)   

John Chartier, state fire marshall: $95,546

Firefighter, Providence: $43,426–$51,089

Firefighter, Johnston: $46,772

Environmental police officer (level III): $70,282

Correctional officer, lieutenant: $62,201

Court House security officer: $41,917

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Salaries of Rhode Island Business Leaders 

[Business Class]

Patrick M. Sweeney, wealth manager/financial planner: $200,000–$400,000

Brian Goldner, CEO Hasbro: $2.25 million in total com-

Thomas Ryan, CEO CVS: $18 million in total compensation   

Jaymin Patel, CEO GTech: $2,768,012 (including bonuses)

Lewis Campbell, chairman and CEO, Textron: $24,395,128 in total compensation   

Kevin Sharer, president and CEO, AMGEN: $13.2 million in total compensation

Merrill Sherman, CEO Bank RI: $1,075,237 in total compensation

John C. Warren, CEO, Washington Trust: $813,098 in total compensation

Bank teller: $24,220 (state median)

Senior CPA, three years’ experience: $52,000– $62,000; seven years’ experience: $70,000–$85,000

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 Salaries of local athletes

[Pay to Play]

Brad Faxon, PGA golfer: $84,645 (2007 tour earnings)

Billy Andrade, PGA golfer: $243,490 (2008 tour earnings)

Caddy, RI Country Club: $35–$40/bag plus tips for a double bagger

Rocco Baldelli, outfielder, free agent: $2.25 million (2008)

PawSox player, rookie season: $30,000 average

PawSox player, down from Red Sox: $600,000 (one player example)

PAWS, PawSox mascot: $9/hour

Andrew Bodnaychuk, P-Bruins defenseman: $525,000

Jim Baron, URI basketball coach: $310,246

Thorr Bjorn, URI director of athletics: $169,125

Robert G. Driscoll Jr., PC athletics director: $197,274

URI athletic therapist: $74,614

RIC head athletic trainer: $47,154

Tennis pro, Tennis Hall of Fame: $50,000 (average)

Lifeguard, Middletown: $9,331 (experienced)

Professional racing sailor: $65,000–$83,000

Naama Gidron, iyengar yoga instructor, Motion Center: $50,000 (average)       

Brian Fracassa, personal trainer, Bodyworks Training: $60–$140/session  

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   Salaries in the education field

[Hire Learning]

Dr. Robert Carothers, president, University of Rhode Island: $231,143

Ruth Simmons, president, Brown University: $745,481 (2007)

Ray M. Di Pasquale, president, Community College of Rhode Island: $197,000

Donald Zeyl, philosophy chair URI: $105,356

Philosophy chair CCRI (equivalent position): $72,451

Donald H. DeHayes, URI provost: $225,000

Librarian, URI: $43,608

Professor, RWU School of Architecture: $70,000–$90,000

Captain, URI research vessel: $69,310

Peter McWalters, commissioner Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: $155,843

First-year kindergarten teacher, South Kingstown: $36,866; ten years’ experience: $68,978

Eric Peterson, headmaster, St. George’s School: $203,431 (2006)

Maureen Raia-Taylor, head of upper school, Lincoln School: $71,000

Caroline Walsh, head of middle school, Lincoln School: $57,000

John Gray, principal, Barrington High School: $113,752

Public high school teacher, Providence: $37,100

Catholic high school teacher: $29,500

Dr. Hans W. Dellith, superintendent, Pawtucket schools: $148,447

Teacher’s aid, Warwick public schools: $25,000    

Tutor elementary/secondary schools: $20–$40/hour

Social worker, Rhode Island School for the Deaf: $76,340

Psychologist, Rhode Island School for the Deaf: $56,350

Substitute teacher, Providence: $125/day           

School bus driver, Westerly Public Schools: $14.40/hour

Crossing guard, Warwick: $7,200/school year

Crossing guard, Providence: $17,921/school year

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 Salaries in the medical field

[Healthy Profits]

Dr. Kathleen C. Hittner, president, Miriam Hospital: $572,132

Constance Howes, president and CEO, Women and Infants’ Hospital: $459,869 (2006)

Dr. Donald R. Coustan, Ob-Gyn chief, Women and Infants’ Hospital: $582,364 (2006)

General surgeon: $198,000

Dr. Thomas Gilson, state chief medical examiner: $147,122

Gary Alexander, director, Department of Human Services: $126,870

Registered nurse: $62,860 (state median)

Physician’s assistant: $71,620 (state median)

Chiropractor: $73,300 (state median)

Optometrist: $114,380 (state median)

Psychologist: $68,980 (state median)

Psychiatrist: $164,420 (state mean)

Dentist: $154,700 (state mean)

Dental hygienist: $65,220 (state median)

Acupuncturist: $50,000–$60,000

Veterinarian: $74,640 (state median)

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 Salaries of visual and performing artists.

[Creative Accounting]

Lisa LaDew, managing director, Festival Ballet: $55,332

Mihailo Djuric, artistic director, Festival Ballet: $55,450

Dancer, Festival Ballet: $16,000–$18,000

Mark Freedman, artist, painter: $24,000 (see profile, page 41)

Marilyn Massaro, curator, Museum of Natural History, Roger Williams Park: $45,940

Larry Rachleff, music director, Rhode Island Philharmonic: $154,000

Percussionist, Rhode Island Philharmonic: $600/concert       

Curt Columbus, artistic director, Trinity Rep: $159,615

Craig Watson, associate artistic director, Trinity Rep: $89,519

Actor Trinity Rep: $550/week lower theater, $750/week upper theater (union base pay)

Actor Gamm Theatre: $100–$400/week (union)   

Randall Rosenbaum, executive director, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts: $77,595

Wedding photographer: $70,000–$100,000

Gallery manager, 5 Traverse: $30,000

Architect, first year: $40,000–$43,000

Landscape architect: $24.33/hour (state median)

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 Salaries in media and sales

[Media (and Sales) Moguls]

Pawtucket Times reporter: new hire: $456/week; five years’ experience: $729/week (2006)

New York Times reporter: $1,675/week

Boston Globe reporter: $1,387/week

Freelance writer: $38,000–$55,000

First-year TV reporter: $28,000

Veteran (ten-year) TV popular anchor or meteorologist, Providence: $150,000–$250,000

Veteran (ten-year) TV popular anchor or meteorologist, Boston: $1 million-plus

First-year radio DJ: $30,000

Popular talk radio show host: $85,000-plus

Public relations consultant: $50,000–$70,000

Web designer: $49,000

Sharon Remington Ford, realtor, RE/MAX Flagship: $100,000–$200,000 (see profile, page 38)

Cell phone salesperson, Verizon: $32,000 (average)

Used car salesperson, J.D. Byrider: $60,000 (average)

New car salesperson, Bailey Flood Ford: $55,000 (average)   

New car salesperson, Inskip Auto Mall (BMW, Porche, Bentley): $40,000–$100,000

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 Dog Groomers, Hair stylists, taxi driver, pet sitter, massage therapist

[Service Included]

Massage therapist: $35/hour

Joseph Farias III, hair stylist, Celebeautique: $55,000– $65,000 (see profile, this page)

Taxi driver, Providence: $23,000

Travel agent: $34,160 (state median)

Southwest Airlines ramp agent: $20,360 (starting)

Southwest Airlines check-in agent: $21,060 (starting)

Dog groomer, Monique’s: $25,000–$30,000

Alison Hamilton, pet sitter: $64,000

Babysitter: $10–$13/hour

Nanny (live-out): $500/week   

Telemarketer: $10.50/hour (state median)   

Barista, Starbucks: $9/hour

Cashier, Dunkin’ Donuts: $7.53/hour

Pizza delivery person, Ronzio’s: $70–$100/night

Pastry chef, The Spiced Pear: $26,250

Chef, Gracie’s: $65,000–$70,000

Dishwasher, Gracie’s: $400–$500/week

Bartender, Ten Prime Steak & Sushi: up to $1,000/week

Server, Chinese Laundry: $800–$900/week

Server, Nicks on Broadway: $100–$200/shift

Shot boy, Mirabar: $20–$200/night   

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Lawrence Taft, executive director, Audubon Society of Rhode Island: $80,000

Karen Leslie, president and CEO, YMCA of Greater Providence: $139,550    

Robert Billington, president, Blackstone Valley Tourism Council: $54,010    

Edward S. Clement Jr., executive director, Aquidneck Land Trust: $105,000    

Jonathan Stone, executive director, Save The Bay: $140,000    

Trudy Coxe, CEO and executive director, Preservation Society of Newport County: $184,707    

Darrell Waldron, executive director, Rhode Island Indian Council: $27,612    

Paul Fitzgerald, president and CEO, AIDS Care Ocean State: $88,119    

Anne Nolan, president, Crossroads Rhode Island: $130,000 (2006)    

Andrew Schiff, executive director, Rhode Island Community Food Bank: $130,000   

Robert Fish, president and CEO, Rhode Island PBS: $125,888

Anthony Maione, president and CEO, United Way: $202,777

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Plumber, Electrician, Mechanic, Boat Builder 

[Hands On Approach]

Plumber, Little Compton: $58,250

Plumber, URI: $21,658

Electrician: $35–$38/hour (union)

Mechanic: entry level: $20,000–$24,000; ten years’ experience: $40,000–$60,000

Fiberglass boat builder: $15.09/hour (state median)

Wooden boat carpenter: $28/hour       

Metal worker: $11.69/hour (state median)   

Roofer: $33,340 (state median)

Net/gear builder: $18/hour

Quahogger (summer): $200–$250/day;  (winter): $100/day            

Dairy farmer: $20,000

Produce farmer: $25,000–$40,000

Poultry farm worker: $10.13/hour (regional average)

State House janitor: $27,497 (classified, starting salary)

DOA senior janitor: $38,562

Pest control technician, SHS Pest Control: first year: $25,000; five years’ experience with commission: $60,000

Newport Bridge toll collector: $43,000

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 Airline Pilot, Bike Messenger, Winemaker, Priest, Zookeeper, Grave Digger

[Odd Jobs]

Teague Sobin, Southwest Airlines pilot; $85,000–$120,000 (see profile, page 39)

Bike messenger, DASH Delivery: $9–$12/hour (plus commission), extra $2–$8/express package

Priest-in-charge, first level, Episcopal Diocese of R.I.: $54,529

Winemaker, Greenvale Vineyards: $48,000

Zookeeper, Roger Williams Park Zoo: $40,040

Wayne Peacock, part-time life/executive coach: $18,000 (see profile, page 42)       

Providence meter reader: $40,938

Whole Foods store team leader: $107,000

“Kitty Litter,” drag queen: $10,000/year ($100/appearance, free at charity events)

Foxy Lady dancer: $200–$500/8-hour shift

Funeral director/embalmer: $750–$1,000/week (higher for high volume funeral)

Hearse driver: $10–$15/hour

Grave digger: $33,601 (state average)   

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Sources: Municipal salaries: State average wages: R.I. Department of Labor and Training, Occupational Employment Statistics 2007. Some wages annualized by multiplying hourly wage by forty-hour week and fifty-week year with unpaid two week vacation. State salaries: State of R.I. Fiscal Year 2008 Budget, Personnel Supplement. Nonprofit salaries:, IRS Form 990 filings 2007. Corporate salaries: www.forbes. com,,,, Other figures found through Internet searches, public records and individual interviews.


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