The Business of Love

Flowers and chocolates are tried and true, but these five experts, who’ve seen their share of romantic gestures, divulge some other ideas on the best (and worst) ways to show you care.

Jennifer AdlerJennifer Adler
Owner/artist, Survival by Design Cards, Providence
Years in business: 8 months
Busier during V-day? Probably.
Message in one of her card designs: “You’re so weird. I love that about you.”
Words of wisdom: Don’t just get a card the first place you look. The person you care about is worth finding the right sentiment for.
 Walter CanavanWalter Canavan
Owner/artist, Color Bomb Tattoo, Providence
Years in business: 11 
Busier during V-day? Not necessarily.
Most romantic tattoo: One couple asked for a lock and key so that one had the lock and the other had the key to it.
Words of wisdom: If you want to end your relationship, get your lover’s name tattooed on your body. I’ve never—ever—seen anyone not come back to get it covered up.
Dennis Revens Dennis Revens
Justice of the Peace, Warwick
Years in business: 18
Busier during V-day? I always perform weddings on Valentine’s Day.
His plans for the holiday: My wife and I will probably have a quiet dinner together at home. We’ve been married thirty-seven years.
Words of wisdom: Obtain the marriage license beforehand—especially this year, since you can’t get a license on a Saturday.
Vic Pichette Vic Pichette
Owner/private investigator, Genesis Investigations, WARWICK
Years in business: 21
Busier on V-day? It’s crazy around Valentine’s Day. It’s easier to catch a cheating spouse, due to them juggling buying gifts.
How often he breaks bad news: Fifty percent of the time, the spouse is innocent. 
Words of wisdom: All of the red flags are usually there: coming in late, deleting cell phone numbers, phone conversations that end abruptly….
 Tara SolonTara Solon
Owner, Mignonette, Providence
Years in business: 7
Busier on V-day? It’s like a mini-Christmas in here.
Inside scoop: You can’t help but love men when you see them shop for Valentine’s Day. I don’t think women have any idea how hard they try.
Words of wisdom: Check the size. Men always see their wives and girlfriends as smaller than they actually are.

Photos: adler, canavan, revens, pichette: Ron cowie. Mignonette: Providence Journal photo: Frieda Squires.
By Alexandra D’angelo

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 - February, 2009

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