Q-and-A: Watch the Naked Magicians Perform at the Vets

Good magicians don’t need sleeves. This show is a cross between a magic show and Magic Mike, and yes, they really do bare it all.


The Naked Magicians, Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler.

On Feb. 25, the world’s naughtiest magic show comes to Providence as the Naked Magicians take over Veterans Memorial Auditorium. I sat down with Australian magicians, Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler ­— fully clothed — to uncover the details on their playfully promiscuous show. Here's what went down.

The Naked Magicians is showing at the Vets on Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $49 to $69 (VIP Meet and Greet tickets available). For more information and to buy tickets, call 401-421-2787 or visit thevetsri.com.

Dillon: Tell me a little bit about your show. What should the people of Providence expect?

Mike: The show is like Magic Mike the movie, if only the movie had real magic in it. It’s very strong magic, it’s a very funny show and we do promise that we get naked throughout the show. All the tricks throughout it are themed around those naughty topics you’d talk about behind closed doors after a glass of wine or two. So, the people of Providence, Rhode Island, can expect a very, very naughty, cheeky girls' night out.

Christopher: We are the bad boys of magic. This is the world’s naughtiest, funniest magic show. So they can expect to laugh a lot, expect to see some of the most amazing magic ever because we are magicians first and foremost, and to see some naked Aussies as well, delivering it to them.

Dillon: How did each of you get into magic?

Christopher: It’s actually quite interesting how different our discovery of magic is.

Mike: Yeah, I actually got into magic to get a girlfriend. I thought it might help me. I’m still single and now I’m touring the world in theaters with a thousand people a night, so hopefully that helps me get a girlfriend sometime soon.

Christopher: Hang in there, buddy.

Mike: Hey, thanks man.

Christopher: My grandfather showed me magic tricks as a kid, which is a memory a lot of people have. I got the magic bug from that and never got over it. So, I grew up loving it, but it wasn’t until about ten years ago when I decided to make it my job.

Dillon: So why no clothes?

Mike: Well, a couple reasons. We were both, as we say, clothed magicians for several years doing our own individual shows, and we are best mates as well. So we were doing our shows, and then the movie Magic Mike came out around 2011. After that movie came out, because my name’s Mike and I’m doing magic, people made all sorts of stripper-related jokes toward me, like ‘How big is your magic wand?’ or ‘Can you make your clothes disappear?’, it got us thinking about creating a really naughty magic show. What better way to do that than having us getting naked? Also, the other part of it has to do with how magicians traditionally dress.

Christopher: When you say magician, it conjures up a stereotype of top hats and capes and wands, so we’re like, let’s strip away those stereotypes — literally and figuratively. And so we coined the phrase ‘Good magicians don’t need sleeves. Great magicians don’t need pants.’ It’s crazy, but prostitution is the oldest profession in history, and magic is the second oldest.  Yet, in history, no one had ever made a naughty magic show. So when we had the idea, we figured someone had surely done this, but no one ever did.

Dillon: What are the challenges of performing magic naked?

Christopher: It’s kind of two-tiered. Doing magic naked is the best and worst thing. We had to re-learn how to do these tricks and come up with methods that have never been done before because we didn’t have top hats or sleeves or anything. But at the same time, we’ve got the best misdirection there is — our naked bodies. Since the start of magic, magicians have always had these female assistants coming out wearing next to nothing. We don’t have that. It’s all on us.

Dillon: What do you love about performing?

Mike: There are two things, and I think we’ll probably have the same answers. One is the adrenaline rush of being on stage. I never feel like I have a job. My favorite thing to do in the world is to get on stage with my best mate and do magic. Also, just getting to make people smile and laugh. We want them to have the most incredible and memorable time. I think that’s why I got into magic, for that side of it, and to be able to impress a pretty girl. I couldn’t take a deck of cards into a nightclub.

Christopher: I’m addicted, as well, to doing the show. There’s nothing like it. It’s crazy. It’s like being in a hilarious, dirty rock concert. It’s also really special just to be able to make people laugh for ninety minutes, and it’s even more valuable in 2017 than ever. You don’t have to check your phone or worry about the news, it’s just laughter and fun. That’s honestly a special thing. Laughing is amazing.

Dillon: What is one thing you don’t think most people know about your partner?

Christopher: Oh god.

Mike: I don’t know how bad I should do him in here.

Christopher: I’m going to say that he’s been swimming since he was five. People don’t know that! Someone the other day said that you were blessed genetically, but it’s because you’ve been exercising every day for years. Is that good? I’m pressing pause here because I think he’s about to throw me under the bus.

Mike: Chris has a tattoo, which is actually Photoshopped out of most images of us. You can see it at the show and ask him about it there, but it’s a secret otherwise. Only just a few people know the reason behind it.

Dillon: How did you two meet?

Mike: It’s pretty crazy. We actually met at a function that I was performing at in Brisbane. Chris asked me to do some close-up magic for his group after my performance. I knew of him at that point, but I didn’t recognize him. I showed him some of my best magic and right at the end, I stole his watch, and then we hit it off a bit with our common interest and love of magic.

Christopher: Yeah, the interesting thing is, neither of us are really friends with magicians. So, I daresay that we’d be mates even if we weren’t into magic.

Dillon: Is there anything else you want people to know about the show?

Mike: Leave the kids at home. We sometimes get questions asking if they can bring the kids. No. It’s definitely an adult-rated show.

Christopher: They’re going to laugh a lot. They’re going to see some amazing magic, and we are going to get naked for them. The magic isn’t a gimmick and the naked isn’t a gimmick. We want people to come expecting some laughter, some magic and some nudity.

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